How a POS Suite Can Help You Manage Your Ski Resort Rentals

28 Jan

One of the most important responsibilities of a ski resort owner is offering sufficient rental equipment. But ski rentals need not be a problem for your company to deal with. And to make that happen, you need a POS suite created for total efficiency and productivity.    

These are the many advantages using the right POS suite can offer your business:    

Ski Rentals

As with your common resort reservations and lift ticket systems, ski rentals will be built into the program.   Therefore, it's no longer necessary to purchase a different program for those rentals, thereby minimizing your costs.       

Ski School

Besides ski rentals, the right ski rental software will provide features for managing your ski school as well. As you know, offering accredited lessons is another unique challenge (with respect to other types of amusement-oriented businesses) that ski resorts should overcome. Not only will a POS suite allow you track the payments made to your instructors, but it can help in organizing your schedules and cancellations too.    


If you are in the food business, using a quick and highly customizable POS system is necessary. Hence, it's often tempting to pay for a separate program for food sales, considering that the styling and requirements of a refreshment POS are quite distinctive. But with the right all-in-one system, you can apply a high level of customizations, regardless of what can be found in your resort's menu.  Compare cloud based vs on premise here!

On Mobile

When selecting a POS suite for your ski resort, one of the most crucial points you should consider is whether it will be available online. Keep in mind that people do most things mobile these days, and that includes making arrangements for their skiing holiday.     

Automated Marketing Option

Marketing is a task that keeps changing for you and your personnel, and it can typically feel as though the work is never done. With an all-in-one amusement and leisure POS suite, you can automate your marketing campaigns. Such campaigns go beyond tickets and reservations after all.   You can choose to run campaigns based on ski or snowboarding lesson packages, rental specials, new refreshments, and so on. The possibilities are infinite when it comes to your marketing goals.   

Of course, not all comprehensive POS suites are created equal. They will not all be equally functional and effective. So it is wise to spend time considering your options, especially comparing them, before deciding which one to purchase. Aside from the product itself, you should also consider the company that provides it. Customer service is crucial here.  You don't just need a good POS program, but also an accommodating and competent staff that will be around each time you need them. For further details regarding software, visit

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